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Hi all my female budgie tends to lash out at the boy when she wakes up after dozing off in the evening. I've put a small night lamp to try and reduce any night terrors.

This morning however the eye of my male was swollen shut. Most likely after being nipped by his girl at night. This happened once before and it went away around noon.
Now it hasn't. It's reduced very slightly but is not gone yet. He's normal otherwise. Any suggestions on what to do now and how to possibly eliminate these nightly scuffles would be great.

Unfortunately little man wants to snuggle up to his girl at night, which doesn't end well.



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You need to separate the two budgies into individual cages before putting them to bed each evening.
They need to have set bedtimes and wake-up times.
Covering the cages top, three sides and one-third of the way down the front as well as having a night light in the room should help with any night frights.

How is the male budgie's eye doing?

Did you take him to an Avian Vet for treatment?

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