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Budgie hiding under another budgies wing

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Hi. One of my budgies who is normally very vocal and happy has suddenly become very quiet and acting out of character. Normally my 2 budgies are not very close and remind me of a bickering pair of teenagers. Now the female one is not really cleaning herself properly, the other one is doing it & he stays by her side the whole time. She seems to be snuggling up to him a lot & sometimes has her head under his wing. They’ve even started sitting on the swing together again (which they haven’t done for well over a year). She’s still eating but something up is very off. I worried that the shock of taking her to the vet may cause her more worry. Any ideas what could be wrong or the best thing to do for her?
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How old are the birds, do her droppings look normal, can you post a picture of both of them?
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How old are the birds, do her droppings look normal, can you post a picture of both of them?
They are 5 years old. Her droppings look the same. They normally won’t even sit on the same perch together.

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She does look unwell and I would take her to an avian vet, it can be stressful but she may need medication, birds hide illness very well and by the time you start to see symptoms they have usually be ill for a while and things can take a turn for the worse fairly quickly with birds so it is best not to delay. Avian vets are well aware of the stress factor and should handle them accordingly. This link may help you in finding a avian vet if you don't have one
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Thank you so much for your advice
Hi there and welcome to the forums!

How is your sweet little one doing now?
What are your budgie's names?
Have you been able to get the female in to see the Avian Veterinarian yet?
Please provide an update on her condition.

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