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Budgie lies down while eating

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Hi there! Three days ago my i got two young budgies as pets. I did a lot of research and they seem to be doing perfectly fine! They are eating, perching, chattering away with each other. I put on some music which they really seem to like and I talk to them a lot.

One of my budgies, Kiwi, seems to display some odd behaviour. Whenever he is eating from the millet string on the bottom of the cage, he lies down on his side. When I talk to him he just gets up again. He is perching with no problems, and he only does this when he is eating millet. Not with his normal seeds. So it doesn't seem that there is something wrong with his feet.

Since I don't think this is a health related issue (I guess he might just be lazy, kind of like us when we lie on the couch eating a snack :001_tongue:) I posted it here, but feel free to tell me if I posted it in the wrong sub.

Anyways, has anyone ever seen this behaviour? Is it something I should be concerned about?
I also have a pet pigeon, and I know he just lies on his side when he's relaxing in the sun. But I couldn't find anything about budgies doing this!
I added pictures below, but I can't get them to work with the code, so I'll just add the links!

I snapped a quick video of it, you can watch it here: [nomedia=""]Budgie eating on his side - YouTube[/nomedia]

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He's not laying on his side as far as I can tell watching the video, it seems to me like he's just standing there and eating millet, he just might look like he's laying down from where you're watching him.

Most likely because he's young, he might do things that an adult budgie wouldn't do as he's still learning.
I finally figured out how to post images!

He actually is lying on his side! It's just so odd how he does it.

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Yeah I think he's just being an adorable baby budgie and trying to work out how to get the delicious millet at the bottom.
Nothing to worry about and I'm sure he'll grow out of it as he gets bigger. It's adorable though.
That is so silly! My budgie would sit in his food bowl when he was a baby, so baby budgies are just goofy and don't know how to do things
It looks totally normal to me. He just looks like he's reaching for the underside of the millet (because that's where all the best stuff is, don't ya know ?! lol) Silly baby bird.

If it makes you feel any better, here's a pic of Barristan who fell asleep in the middle of munching of some spinach.

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Pretty sure here's what's going on. When my budgie Steve eats millet it's hanging next to his a perch and he almost always holds the spray with one foot. In your case, with the millet on the floor of his cage with bedding, he's holding the spray with his left food and the other foot is just "there", but concealed by the bedding. Budgies are parrots and we often may not think that they use their feet like larger parrots, but they do.. He's normal. Try hanging his millet.
It could be Kiwi’s age too, if he’s young. Babies are more prone to laying down. He’s such a pretty color. :)

Michelle, Barristan is adorable there :giggle:.
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