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Budgie mutation?

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So, I've seen many people ask their budgies mutation, and that made me curious about my little girl! All I know is that she's a cinnamon violet lol. If there's someone who knows budgie mutation, please lmk!
Some photos of her:
Bird Parrot Beak Parakeet Wing
Bird Beak Finger Feather Nail

Bird Parrot Beak Sculpture Scaled reptile

Sky Wood Branch Street light Automotive tire

Bird Beak Bird supply Feather Fawn

Bird Beak Finger Feather Ducks, geese and swans

Bird Beak Feather Wood Floor

Bird Plant Wood Beak Feather

Bird Beak Feather Parrot Wing

Head Bird Eye Beak Parrot
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Well, 'all you know' is pretty much it. She's is indeed a Cinnamon Violet. To flesh it out a bit more, she appears to be a Single Factor Violet Cobalt Cinnamon. Cinnamon mutation dilutes body color by about 15% so whether she's single or double factor violet may be an open question. Do you know anything about her parents? That could be determinative regarding that question.

BTW, her chewing on the holiday lights makes me nervous.
Unfortunately no, I don't know anyhting about her parents since I got her from a petshop.
Also, don't worry, I made sure she was safe on the holiday lights.
Thank you so much tho!
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Wmcburke is correct, violet is a color adding factor rather than a color in itself so it alway exists on top of either blue (what would be considered a "violet" budgie) or green.

She's gorgeous :D
Aright, thank you so much for the help!

That last photo of her is 😍
Yes, she really is a model🥺
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