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Budgie only eating one seed type

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I need help with my new baby budgie. He is only eating one type of seed, the long one (oat) and does not touch anything else, not even fruits or veggies. He even seems to be afraid of some seeds. He makes a huge effort trying to look for this one seed, that is around 10% of the foodbag. So a huge amount of seeds goes to waste. My previous budgie ate everything, seeds, fruits and veggies.
Any advice on this problem?


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More information from you would be very helpful in order for us to be of assistance.

How long have you had this budgie?
How old is it?
What is its name?
Did you get it from a breeder or a pet store?
Do you know what it was being fed previously?
Have you offered him tiny seeds from spray millet to see if he will eat those?

Please post a picture of your bird.

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