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Hi there peeps!
I was wondering if anyone had any tips for budgie taming.
I have a young budgie, her name is Sunny, maybe about 8 months old.
She had a partner, Hail, a white albino Budgie, but he died about 5 months ago.
Before he died, I had kind of given up on taming them, as hail was super friendly towards me, and I was able to get him to finger perch, where as every time I left for a few hours, Sunny seemed to make him afraid of me?
Yeah so, I just left them, as they were very happy.
When hail died, I left Sunny alone for a bit, made sure calm music was always playing, water always changed, and food always there. (also letting her out for 5 hours usually)
Now, I've tried to begin taming her, I bought some millet, and sat my hand in the cage for a while.
She literally had no interest. Maybe she hasn't tried it before?
Anyway, she wont let me touch her, but yesterday she was perched on one of her outside perches, and i slowly moved my hand towards her, and counted to 30, out loud so she could hear me.
She let me stroke her belly, but when I tried to make her step up, she put one foot on, and then scuttled away.

As I was putting her back I stroked her belly again, she seemed fine with it.

Any tips on what to do now? I'm really desperate as I want to bond with her super bad :(:green plet:

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Be very patient with her. that is the key to it all.

If she's not interested in the millet its a chance she might not recognise it as food (yet) try leave some clipped to her cage so she has easy access to it. eventually she'll get curious, realise it's food. and eat it. then maybe that can work as a motivator.

As for now if shes' still freightened of you. you can try occasionally doing stuff like just putting your hand on the perch next to her. Without trying to directly interact with her. Maybe when she's inside her cage you can put a chair nearby and just talk to her, try not to make direct eyecontact in the early stages of taming as they're prey animals and it might unnerve them.

Just keep at it consistantly. make sure she's aware your hand(s) nor you are a threat, and in time she'll slowly begin to trust you more. be it as far as simply perching on your hand, or full on bonding with you. just keep in mind patience is key.

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