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Hi there peeps!
I was wondering if anyone had any tips for budgie taming.
I have a young budgie, her name is Sunny, maybe about 8 months old.
She had a partner, Hail, a white albino Budgie, but he died about 5 months ago.
Before he died, I had kind of given up on taming them, as hail was super friendly towards me, and I was able to get him to finger perch, where as every time I left for a few hours, Sunny seemed to make him afraid of me?
Yeah so, I just left them, as they were very happy.
When hail died, I left Sunny alone for a bit, made sure calm music was always playing, water always changed, and food always there. (also letting her out for 5 hours usually)
Now, I've tried to begin taming her, I bought some millet, and sat my hand in the cage for a while.
She literally had no interest. Maybe she hasn't tried it before?
Anyway, she wont let me touch her, but yesterday she was perched on one of her outside perches, and i slowly moved my hand towards her, and counted to 30, out loud so she could hear me.
She let me stroke her belly, but when I tried to make her step up, she put one foot on, and then scuttled away.

As I was putting her back I stroked her belly again, she seemed fine with it.

Any tips on what to do now? I'm really desperate as I want to bond with her super bad :(:green plet:
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