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We got him 1 month ago
He is 6 month old
We have been trying to get him out of the cage, he will come on our fingers but when we put the hand out with him on it, he doesnt want to fly away.
When he come on the finger he will bite softly but he is very good and all kind of way.
And he is flying alot in his cage.
What can i do for help him?

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Is he flying in his cage because he is frightened and is flying in a frenzy or is he exercising? What is the size of his cage?
It can take months for a bird to learn to trust you and you must go at the birds pace with bonding and taming.

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If your bird(s) come from a breeder that worked well at socializing their animals, then the process below is the same but it may go much quicker for you. You should move at the pace that your animal is comfortable with.
If you place your hand in their cage and they hop right onto you, then you can start building from there with treats, training and out-of-cage time :)

If you got your bird(s) from a pet store, or a breeder who doesn’t socialize their animals; your bird(s) is going to need a couple of quiet weeks to settle in. They can seem “tame” at first, but this is likely just because they are frightened and submissive.

Start by resting your hand on the outside of the cage for 5-10 minutes a few times a day. Talk to them as you do this, in a quiet and steady voice. Read something to them if you like ;)

After a week or two of this, you can move to just placing your hand "in" the cage. You can use their behavior as a judge on this one. If they actively retreat from your hand, even when it’s on the outside of the cage; they aren’t ready for you to go to the next step. Once they start to essentially “ignore” your hand, then you can move on.

The next step is to put your hand in the cage. Don't touch them, go near them or even move. Just rest it there for the same 5-10 minutes a few times a day and continue with the quiet, steady speech.

Your bird(s) will eventually begin to acclimate to you and slowly move up to investigating your hand. Then you can work on treat placement in the hand to see if you can then lure them to step on it to eat from it (again without moving).

And then you go from there!

This could take weeks, or even months, of work and is entirely up to the bird. You may get lucky and have a very outgoing animal that tames in a short period of time, or you may have a more timid creature on your hand that requires a lot more from you.

Birds require far more patience with training than dogs and cats do. They all know instinctively that they are "prey items" and we are basically asking them to ignore that natural response when confronted by a larger predator (you).

You can also use their voice as a measure of their comfort.
A whistling/chirping budgie is not a scared budgie ;)

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Budgies consider their cage to be their safe space.
You should not try to force your budgie to come out of the cage to fly around if it is not ready to do so.
The budgie must make the choice on its own.
You need to ensure the room is bird safe and all windows and doors are secured.
Just leave the door to the cage open. Consider putting a budgie playground on top of the cage or nearby. Add a favorite toy or treat to the playground.
You can put perches on the outside of the cage as well.

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