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budgie won't eat new food

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A few days ago I was running out of food for my budgie so bought him more, but I couldn't find the stuff he usually eats so I got him a different brand. He hasn't been eating it unless I hand feed it to him (which is weird, because we're really not bonded yet) If he does eat off of anything other than my hand he just picks out the seeds from his old food (right now I'm combining the little bit I have left of the old food with the new to introduce the new slowly) and ignores the new seeds. I tried getting him to eat it by pretending my hand was a budgie and pretending to eat the food on a plate which worked a little, but not for very long and he kept picking up the seeds and then dropping them without actually eating them.

Any advice? I'm nearly out of the old food and if all else fails I'll buy the same brand, but I don't want the new stuff to go to waste (also the new food is healthier, so that's another reason why I'd prefer him to be on that)
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You didn't mention the brand of either the old food nor the new food. Knowing that would be helpful.
Perhaps your budgie does not like the taste of the new food. I would get a small amount of the old brand to ensure your bird has enough to eat.
Please post the brands and nutritional information of both the old and new and we can try to advise you from there.
the old food: trill (nutrivit) budgerigar mix - 13% protein, 6% fat content, 5% inorganic matter and 4% crude fibre

the new food: pets at home budgie food - 10.8% protein, 7.1% crude fibre, 6.9% crude fat, 3% crude ash and 11.7% moisture

Luckily he is eating more of the new food now, I think he just took longer to take to it than I expected. I still have some of the old food left so I will keep mixing them together and hope he continues to get back to his normal eating habits :)
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