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Hello, I have two budgies, one is a female names Lemon, and she's yellow, and one's a male, Fern, he's more green. A while ago, I let Lemon out of her cage but had trouble getting her back in, I eventually had to cover her with a cloth and put her back in. After that, I noticed the area around her beak (NOT her cere) was darkening to a more brown shade. I was worried, but let it slide as dirt. I saw Fern preening her around that area, with reassured me. However, now her head is darkening a bit too, and I've noticed the same area for Fern is darkening. What's going on? I'm really worried, but confused as they have never taken a bath so this makes sense.
Could someone help me out?
Thanks so much!

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Without seeing pictures of the areas of concern, it is impossible to give you advice.
Please post pictures of the area on each budgie that you are worried about. In-focus, close-up pictures taken in natural light will be best.

With regard to bathing,
Budgies clean themselves by using the oil from their preen gland and preening their feathers to keep them clean and shiny.
You do not need to wash or bathe your budgie.
There are various things you can try. You may also find they ignore the bath for a long time and then suddenly one will decide to try it and then they'll all like it!

I'd suggest you either put a shallow bowl with water in or on top the cage or get a Lix-it Bath to attach to the cage and provide them the option of bathing every few days.

You can also try placing a few fresh basil leaves or some lettuce leaves in the water. That may interest them in the bath.

Some budgies love to rub against or roll on wet leaves.
You can hang wet romaine lettuce or kale leaves in the cage or place them in a shallow dish in or on the cage to see if your budgies like them.

Some budgies enjoy being very lightly misted with room temperature water.
Do NOT squirt the water directly on the budgie.
Aim it up into the air and let the water mist settle down over the budgie gently.
You should be able to easily tell if he likes it or doesn't want any part of it.
Some budgies do enjoy playing under a light trickle of water in the sink.
Other budgies simply don't enjoy bathing which is fine as all budgies are cleaning and oiling their feathers when they preen.

If your budgie is shaking his head, tail and feet after he’s been in the water, that’s quite normal. It’s like a dog shaking after it gets wet.
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