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Budgies mutation

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Hello dears,
In July 2022 I found my little girl in my workplace wandering around, and I captured her and since then I'm taking care for her. She was around 2-3 months old and I never figured out what her mutation
Yesterday I bought a male companion for her, also don't know his mutation and his age.
Can you please tell me if you know what are their mutation and if you know their real age?
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They are both beautiful, StarlingWings will address the mutation. The male is an adult, you can see the iris in his eyes and his cere is the color of an adult male, once both of these things are visible it is not possible to know the exact age, all that can be determined is that he is an adult. The iris becomes visible in most mutations at around 9-10 months old.
Since you have a mixed gender pair you will need to take steps to discourage breeding, please read through this link When We Don't Want Eggs!
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