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Budgies wont sit on certain perch rings

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So as the title says, my budgies wont sit on certain perch rings that I bought for them. They are 4 budgies in a fairly large cage (30x20x50in). I used to have just 1 ring perch which they would all take turns on, so I decided to buy 3 more. They only had 2 rings at the store, so I bought a small triangle perch instead of a 3rd ring. The triangle swings, and they all seem to like it the best. The funny thing is that now they all take turns on the original ring and the triangle swing, but none have gone on the other 2 rings yet. Its been about a week, at first I just thought they didn't notice them yet, but that can likely be ruled out at this point. They are kind of 'fancy' rings, as they have a bell and other toys attached to them, where the original one is just plain. I attached a picture so you can see. Any ideas how to get them interested?


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Too funny...your description of your situation can only make me smile. This is how budgies are. My four had the same swing's and enough for everyone, yet they would constantly squabble over a certain one. Sometime's it can relate to the placement being a preferred location, sometimes it is territorial, and sometimes, like kid's, they want the toy the other kid has. Give it time, and even try moving them around. Put one of the new one's where the favored one is currently at. Budgies are incredibly smart but they are also dangerously curious. It will work out...:001_smile:
Thanks! I thought about placement as well, as the triangle and original ring are both towards the center of the cage, maybe they like it there the best. I hadn't thought about switching them out, though. I will try it. :)
What I did was move them all to the middle. Will see what happens. :thumbup::clearwing 2:

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I see that the white ring is just a ring without any embellishment but the new ones have bells and something in the middle on both sides for them to play with. Maybe they are a bit uneasy because they don't look exactly like the old one. You will see in time if they accept them or not.
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