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Hi there!
I'm a new budgie owner with around 6 weeks of experience. I have a single budgie named Bushy. I suppose I'll post an adequate picture for gender identification later 馃槄. The pet store owner claimed he was male so please don't mind me when I refer to him with he/him pronouns; now I am wondering whether he's actually female. Oh well.
I've read through some of the articles and posts on the forum and there are a few ongoing threads on users' budgies. I hope it is fine if I start a thread for my little budgie <3
Bushy is 13 weeks old at the time I write this. We brought him home 6 weeks ago in an 47.5 x 37 x 51 cm cage. Yes, it's slightly small, but our budgie receives lots of exercise and out-of-cage time. Here is an image of him:

He eats powdered ZuPreem Natural pellets, some seed mix that the pet store gave us and leafy vegetables. He likes tearing at bok choy the most. Note: My profile picture only has his head, the body was actually drawn by me. We don't yet have a food scale, and I don't think he would step on one, but I don't think he's particularly obese.

I know I'm not an expert on budgerigars, nor do I have the absolute best setup, but it's the best I'm doing at the moment. We are setting aside $30 CAD each month for budgie shopping so any cage, diet, toy and etc.-related suggestions will definitely be added to our [currently long] list to continually improve this bean's life.

I hope this post is fine, thanks for reading through it. I do welcome any suggestions or constructive criticism on anything, really.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. Bushy is adorable. We will need a full frontal picture, taken in natural light to determine the gender, I cannot see enough of the cere in the current picture to tell male or female. Yes the cage is small but soon with you putting aside the $30 a month you will be able to get a larger cage.

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Hi, Welcome to Talk Budgies!

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Bushy is a cuite little budgie! It will be good for him to have a bigger cage once you are able to get one for him.
Be sure to set up an "emergency fund" for him as well to cover any necessary veterinarian expenses which may arise in the future.

I recommend you remove the plastic perch(es) in the cage and replace them with natural wooden perches of varying diameters to help prevent pressure sores.

Pressure Sores
The information in this link will give examples of better options for perches:
Essentials for a Great Cage

A Healthy Diet for your Budgie
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Safe Foods for Budgies
The Truth about GRIT

Please take the time to read through the Site Guidelines, the FAQs, the Budgie Articles and all of the Stickies located at the top of each section of the forum.
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I could pause a few other saving plans and contribute my full $40 a month, if all household members help we could have around $50 a month. Do you think that's enough for vet bills, a larger cage, toys and food? If all fails I do have an emergency box.

Here's a picture of his cere in natural light. He had a small accident and thus his cere is slightly scraped but I read that it'll heal on its own.

I'll try to replace the perches when possible; local pet stores only have rope and wooden dowels so I suppose I'll need to take one from our backyard (which I definitely have not researched thoroughly about) or order online. I have a spare rope perch, should I attach that instead? The only problem is that I bought the spare rope perch because the old one was starting to loosen and I did not wish for him to ingest any of the cotton and thus I technically have one functional rope perch. I've flipped the old one around for now.

Regarding the first aid kit, I don't think we have cornstarch or styptic powder. I could order or attempt to find some, but is baking flour alright at the moment? (Unless they're the same; I'm not exactly a cook or ingredient specialist :\)


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Bushy is a darling little girl, a male at this age would have a pink cere that would eventually turn blue. If you want to put together a first aid kit you may find the webinar in this link helpful

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Hello and welcome to the forums!

Cody and FaeryBee have given you excellent advice and resources.
Bushy is an adorable little girl 馃挄

Meanwhile, you鈥檝e come to a great place to learn even more about the best of budgie care practices! Please be sure to have a look around the forums鈥 many budgie articles and 鈥渟tickies鈥, included above, to ensure you鈥檙e up to date on everything. If you have questions after doing so, please be sure to ask as we鈥檇 love to help.

Best wishes!

Cheers! 馃憢

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Thanks, all!
I'll need to take some time transitioning Bushy's pronouns to "she/her" 馃槄.
I'm looking through styptic powder, does this seem alright? Is there a specific type of styptic powder that should be used for birds? Most lists just state "styptic powder" but some seem to be only for cats and dogs.?
I'm looking through wood perches too, are there any recommended wood perches for budgies? Some seem to be a bit large.

Bushy had some green, watery poop but it's back to normal as of now. If it was vegetables, I don't understand why the poop problems didn't emerge four days ago. The only other thing we've added is a mineral block. 馃 Well, we've got to take her to a vet sooner or later.

One thing I've noticed is that she'll only eat pellets if they're squashed. Today she picked up a full pellet but dropped it. I'll assume it's strange that the pellet is seed-sized but unable to be unshelled.

There is always time to itch.

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If you look at the detail of that styptic powder it indicates that it can be used on birds, hopefully you will never need to use it. Look for perches that are made from natural branches, you should find a variety of sizes.

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Thanks again, everyone!
Bushy dropped her first large feather today, I'm guessing she's starting to molt at 3.5 months.? I wasn't there but my younger sister claims she was preening herself and pulled it out from her tail. I can't find the feather now 馃槅
Just curious, does the styptic powder intended for dogs and cats have a different composition than the ones intended for birds?
The roof broke because we pressed down too hard, luckily we were able to fix it and today Bushy doesn't seem shocked and doesn't behave any differently.
We also swapped the perches, hopefully she won't pick at the new rope perch for a while.
Bushy had some watery poop. Perhaps it was the bok choy or that she's molting? I read on another thread that molting budgies have different poops. I do find some white fluff on the grill when I clean the cage, but there aren't many colourful feathers.
I haven't thought much of taming for a while, but Bushy hopped onto my hand today while I was changing her food. The feet were warm for a bit; that's normal, right?

She's taken an interest to the phone, she looks like a baguette. 馃ぃ

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When you feed vegetables Bushy's droppings may be a bit looser than normal. Nothing to be concerned about.
Warm feet in a budgie is fine - no worries!
Love the "Baguette" pose!!

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This is short but Bushy vomited seeds..
She had done some gagging and then shook her head, spraying wet seed everywhere. None's stuck on her face, just the bars.
It's late Saturday night, vets near us aren't open Sunday, Monday is Labour Day and thus the earliest possible vet appointment would be Tuesday.
It might have been the guests we had, or the broccoli, or the paper toy, or the cucumber (seeds removed, though).

I'm worried so this might not make sense the first time read through.

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Bushy is chirping and swinging around. Her poop was a bit flat/watery but blackish and white again. I couldn't get any appointments/calls in, so we're just closely monitoring Bushy and giving a tad too many treats for now 馃槉
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