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Cabbage with bacon and cream

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I usually make this with my roast chicken. Goes down a storm and even folks who say they don't like cabbage like this. My three kids are only 8 and 9 years old and they have been eating this for years. None of my other friends kids will eat cabbage. So yes, I gloat :giggle:

Head of green cabbage - I use Savoy - cored and cut into julienne strips, nice and thin
1 chopped onion
About 8 rashers of bacon (streaky, for my UK friends)
Single or double cream
White Pepper

Chop up your bacon into little pieces. Fry it till crispy in a bit of oil. Set aside the bacon.

Put your onions into the pan and fry until translucent.

Add your cabbage, and a few glugs of hot water from the kettle. Cover and let the cabbage steam down. This happens quickly when the cabbage is thinly sliced so watch you don't over do it. It should be tender and bright, not soggy and dead looking lol.

I use my lid to drain the water. Then, add your bacon and pour over some cream - however much you like but I find less is more. Add a few shakes of white pepper (I like it better than fresh ground black in creamy stuff and sauces, but use ground if you prefer. And you don't need salt, the bacon takes care of that.). Toss and serve! :D If you try it I'd love to hear your feedback.

I'm really loving this section of the forum, thanks everyone for sharing your cooking :D
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This sounds AMAZING! My whole family loves cabbage already, but I bet this recipe would make us love it more. We have to try it, soon! Thanks so much for posting this!
I just got hungry...:D
You are welcome :D I have another one I'm about to post .... I have to pinch my pennies, and cabbage is a regular thing in our house, 'cause it's healthy, cheap and cheerful.

I hope you like it :)
I just got hungry...:D
I'm not, 'cause I'm full of chicken and cabbage haha
I am so making this!! Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:
I love cabbage, by the way. Grew up on it. We usually made fried chicken with it.
I like it too. I think it's often overlooked these days. A lot of people cook it until it's tasteless tho, and like me I grew up thinking it was evil stuff. Now I know better lol. It's so easy to jazz cabbage up and it's packed full of goodness.
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