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Cage making and Stained Glass

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Figured I'd share my crafts I've done....

My stained glass chess board.

My cage built from an entertainment center.


And Out

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I'm inpressed JW, especially with the chess board, I've always wanted to have a go at stain glass but I'm hopeless at soldering, excuse me asking but I take it the lid of the box lifts up to keep the chess pieces inside, also I see a cable so I take it you have a small bulb inside to illuminate the glass?
Nice job JW and you've inspired me to have a go :)
Thanks.. and yes on both things. It does open and there is a rope light inside that bounces off a diffuser to light up the entire chess board.

The pieces are also made from stained glass ... each chess piece is made from 5 pieces of stained glass ((and the kings/queens and pawns all have marbles on them)) It took quite some time to do it, but it was fun.

I think I rubbed my thumbs raw everyday for about 6 weeks getting the pieces right.
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Wow, I've just zoomed in on the chess pieces so I can see all the detail, I would have thought the knights were the hardest to do, as I say I'm very impressed JW, it's totally unique and well done :)
thanks, and yes the knights were the toughest. I had to use a diamond saw in order to cut the chins out.
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