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Carrot-top time.

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Hi, guys. I've been without the internet for the last couple of weeks. I've changed my provider now, though, after being messed around with once too often.:( Now that I'm back,, here are a few shots of my little crew. They've been enjoying in-season carrot tops, which they adore. It's always great to see how Sprite reacts to something new, especially since this was her first time tasting the carrot leaf. Needless to say she loved it, and of course it helps when she sees the others tucking in as well. She's in with the rest of the flock now and they're all getting on like a house on fire (whatever that really means).
And then there's the World Cup. I'm stuck to it.:D Anyone else addicted?


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:love: I love the two "blue birds" and the way that pic is set - gorgeous pic of your flock!

I got all bent when Australia didn't get through in the WC ... Tim Cahill is pretty special, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be! :p
They look so happy with their carrot tops! I have been trying to find them in Madrid, but anywhere that you buy carrots, they already have their tops chopped! ;)

Your flock looks great!
Have you tried either growing some fresh carrots for your budgies in a pot? Then you will get the green tops :) OR .... when I was a kid, we would get carrot tops that Mum had cut off, put them on some wet cotton wool and they would sprout some green top, which we'd give to the guinea pig. :)
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