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Luna is an adorable baby girl! 馃挌馃挌

How large is her cage? Length, Width and Height?

I recommend you remove the wooden dowel perches in the cage and replace them with natural wooden perches of varying diameters to help prevent pressure sores.

Pressure Sores

The information in this link will give examples of better options for perches:
Essentials for a Great Cage

It is not recommended to have mirrors in your bird's cage as interacting with the mirror can contribute to your budgie becoming aggressive and/or territorial.
Additionally, some budgies will begin regurgitating to the mirror to the point where they actually become malnourished. You would be better off to give her shredding toys instead.
Again, please check the link :
Essentials for a Great Cage

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I have a few branch like perches at the top of her cage. I am planning on buying more but currently in a hard lockdown in sydney so avoiding any unnecessary shopping.

Do you perhaps have any tips for what Australian trees I may be able to harvest branches from instead. Budgies are native so surely I should have some good options? I just don't want to accidently bring home something poisonous due to ignorance.

I think the cage is 22 by 18 by 14. Is this too small?

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It would be better if the cage were wider as budgies fly horizontally. For now, it's fine.
I'm assuming you will be giving your budgie out-of-cage time in a bird safe room when she is older.

You can check for safe woods on this link:
Safe Natural Wood for Budgies

You should be able to find Australian Laurel and Eucalyptus nearby, correct?

1. Do not use trees that you suspect were sprayed with pesticide or that come from areas near roadways or industrial buildings
2. Wash the branches using Dawn Dish Detergent and water or a solution of 50/50 Bleach/Water and rinse thoroughly
3. Air dry completely in full sunlight OR
4. Bake branches at 200 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes
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