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Cere Changes

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A common question in the Health Section of TB relates to changes in our birds' cere. Normally it is our hens that cause us the most distress as they become mature and then go in and out of condition.

Going back through some photos of my hens I have come to realise just how dramatic those changes can be, and just how much they differ from bird to bird.

The changes in the cocks cere's are less dramatic but I thought I would share some of my birds with you, and the changes they have gone through ...

These are pics of my hens from young till maturity, and for the older ones in breeding condition.

Estrella - Lutino

Nube - Grey, SF Dominant Pied

BlueBird - Sky Blue, Opaline, SF Spangle

Pearl - Grey, Opaline, SF Spangle, SF Yellowface II

YellowBird - Albino Yellowface II (aka Creamino)

SeaBreeze - Sky Blue, SF Yellowface II, Recessive Pied

Tierra - Light Green, Cinnamon Wing

These next two birds I got at the end of the breeding season and they are coming out of condition.
Nox - Normal Grey

Aurora - Normal Blue

Male or Female, we are still trying to figure it out :)

Daifuku - Colbalt Recessive Pied

The cocks from young to maturity.

Wasbi - Sky Blue Goldenface II

Ocean - Sky Blue Goldenface II

Plus some of my older boys ...
Grey Bird (normal grey) & Okashi (cobalt sf dom pied)

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