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Chewy is such a precious and sweet boy, he sure loves the cuddle time with you! :D
My lovebird Khaleesi is the same way, when I close the blinds on the window at night and partially cover his cage (he's the only bird to live in my bedroom), he immediately wants out of the cage for snuggle time. He loves to rest underneath my chin, also preens my face and I give him some kisses on the back of his head and he fluffs up a bit when I do so as if to say, "I'm so comfy here!"
The ultimate proof is when he's cuddled next to me and starts to beak grind while I give him soft kisses on his head or even when I gently rub his beak.
These night time cuddles take about 20 -30 minutes and after that Khaleesi goes back to his cage and proceeds with the beak grind there, this little ritual happens on a daily basis.

Sorry for the long post, I guess I got carried away...:eek:
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