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Chickadoodle & Wasabi's Picture Thread

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Hey everyone, Chick is doing better these days. She's got an illness but whatever it is, she's able to keep it at bay. Some days are worse than others. I thought I'd start a thread to just let people know (in case they're worried) and also provide pics and vids.

Chick's favourite treat holder that she much prefers using as a scratch post.
Bird Beak Parrot Feather Wing

She's always so obsessed with my mug, any time I drink anything from it she just wants to investigate and have a sip herself, but I don't let her unless it's herbal tea.
Bird Hand Computer Peripheral Input device

Bird Wood Beak Mesh Pet supply

Her tail straight down posture that worries me sometimes.
Bird Sleeve Beak Feather Grey

The Queen asleep.
I think her little hop up onto my phone is the cutest thing ever. She's always so inquisitive.
One of the rare moments where she allows me to give her a little cheek scratch.
Lil Wasabi happy as a clam, she'd just had her first ever 'proper' bath where she actually hopped in the water and did the bird wiggle to get it all over herself. She then immediately became very emotional and cuddly and was rubbing her head on all her toys and playing with them. This was a week before a very severe moult happened, she has a big bald spot above her cere currently and so many new eruptions of feathers. She was itching her head back then as the pin feathers must have just been coming through.

That's all for this update. My two girls are happy and loved.
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I’m so glad you’ve started this thread to share pictures and videos of your beautiful girls!
They are both precious!
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They’re adorable, I’m so glad to see pics of them!!
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