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Choose Your Favorite Here!

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Choose Your Favorite
Skipooterky's Christmas Countdown

The pictures used in Skipper, Scooter and Sparky's Countdown to Christmas follow.
The boys hope you enjoyed the journey.

Which picture is your Favorite and Why?
Those wishing to do so may make a post in this thread

December 1 1-A

December 1 1-B

December 2 2-A

December 2 2-B

December 3 3-A

December 3 3-B

December 4

December 5

December 6

December 7

December 8

December 9

December 10

December 11

December 12

December 13

December 14

December 15

December 16

December 17

December 18

December 19

December 20

December 21

December 22

December 23

December 24
Christmas Eve

December 25
Christmas Day

25-A Nativity Scene

25-B Manger Scene Close-up

Merry Christmas!

Skipooterky would like to thank everybirdie for joining in their Countdown fun.

Best wishes for the
New Year

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My favorite is December 24 (Christmas Eve) because it looks so cozy and festive!:loveeyes:
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My favorite is by far 25-A, Christmas Day. It brings a sense of what this day truly is about, and reminds us of that. Sure the presents are great, but they're not what Christmas is really about. There's a reason that Christ is right there in the name of our much beloved holiday.

I never expect to be blown away with Christmas Day's photo, but wow. Deb, you did amazing as usual, but this one really made me stop and think. It brought me back to a time in my life that I cherished.

Thank you!

BTW, my VERY close second was Christmas eve!!! Very cozy.
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Mine too 24 December :) nobody waits more anxiously then children
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It was difficult to pick just one favourite, but out of them all I'd choose the one from December 22. :)
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My favourite is the carollers singing. There's something nostalgic about the setting and I just love the cuteness of the trio singing with the extra bonus of Kylie in the background :D
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I'm also with Kristen for the Christmas Day finale as my favorite because its the perfect conclusion that's deeply touching, which is the proper payoff for every masterpiece:thumbsup:
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My favourite is #25A, the manger scene. I love it because the wee budgies are right in there with Jesus, reminding me that God has created and cares for all creatures, big and small.My second favourite would be Dec 13 with the sheep and budgie shepherds, as I live on a sheep station with zillions of sheep. I don't think Damon would make a very good shepherd though, as he doesn't care much for our orphan lambs.
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I love them all but December 19 with the boys getting ready to bake reminds me of very special times when I used to bake with my grandmother as a kid.
Great job on all of them.:clap:
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25 A because it shows the star and 25 B doesn't....:D

I'm pretty sure Jesus is fond of Budgies but even more important, I know with certainty that he is absolutely crazy in love with people, and desires to have a close, personal relationship with every last one of us...:)
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Randy, I agree, and I think it's a beautiful thing that we can express this so freely on this forum :). Thank you for posting it... and thank you Jesus...

I also love Dec. 21st. I like Skipper with the little teddy bear, and Sparky looking extra adorable on the reindeer's antler. The Lords a Leaping is pretty good too.. 11 tiny, super flexible little men leaping in unison is pretty funny :D.
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I also agree that the manger scene is my favourite. :D But they are all so great.
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I agree with Randy - the nativity scene is my favorite too. :)
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Goodness, if I had to choose...

Well, confound it, I can't seem to make up my mind!

Maybe this is cheating--

1. The one that made me laugh the most was December 10th with the ridiculous lords a leapin'!
2. The one that made me smile most fondly was the one of Skipooterky on the reindeer with Santa
3. Finally, the one that inspired me the most during this season was the nativity scene, along with the one where Skipooterky are the Three Magi ;)

Heavens, I did anything but choose one! :smash:

You're too good, Deb! :hug:
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