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Before you pick a budgie, it is important you follow a few tips to ensure your bird is healthy. Choosing a healthy budgie is important for variety reasons. First and foremost you want a healthy pet. Second, you want to ensure your budgie does not carry any diseases that could spread to your other birds. Budgies are really good at masking their illnesses and many budgies show signs only when they are extremely ill or near death. Because of this, you need to know a few things to help minimize the chance of purchasing a sick parrot.

If you have other birds it is highly recommended you quarantine any new birds before exposing them to established birds. Placing a parrot in quarantine means isolating the bird from your established flock to avoid the transmission of any diseases or illnesses your budgie might carry.

Because the parrot needs to be isolated, the new budgie should not be in the same room as your other birds. It needs to be in a draft free room that is as far as possible from your other birds. The best place to keep a new parrot for quarantine is in a small study room with windows for ventilation. This allows air to flow inside the room and proper ventilation.

Keeping the new parrot isolated is a must for a proper quarantine, but doing a proper chore routine is just as important. When doing the daily chores of your budgies, it is important the new birds be cared for last. This will help lesson the spread of any contaminations. Under no circumstances are you to trade food or water bowls or cages. Always wash your hands with soap a few times throughout the day. If possible, take a shower between feeding your established flock and your new birds.

Though this might seem extensive, keep in mind parrots are susceptible to many diseases. It only takes one infected parrot to bring down all your birds. Your birds depend on you for their safety and this includes protection from harmful diseases. Always quarantine all new parrots for at least three months. If you feel you need the quarantine session to extend beyond three months, then go ahead because you can never be too sure.

Here are a few tips to help ensure you pick healthy budgies.

    • Always make sure all budgies are active.
    • The budgie should tighten its feathers when you approach the cage.
    • There should be no nasal discharges.
    • The vent should be clean.
    • The feathers should be in good condition( sleek, shiny, and smooth)
    • The feet and beak should be clear of any mites.
    • Your budgie should not show signs of scaly face. The beak and toes should be clean and smooth; there should be no deformities or growths.
    • Purchase budgies from reputable breeders. Ensure their facility is clean and their food and water bowls are changed daily.
Reputable breeders feed their budgies a healthy diet, and ensure they breed for health and temperament. They do not overbreed their birds.
- If you have any questions about your bird's history, ask because you can never be too sure. Ask to check their records as well. A good breeder keeps track of every bird they breed.

Though these tips can not guarantee a healthy parrot, always take your parrot to an Avian vet for a standard checkup. Again, you can never to be too careful when you introduce new birds into your household. Always use discretion and never rush introducing your parrot into the new flock. Many owners make the mistake of placing an ill budgie into their aviaries and once this happens, the results can be devastating. Always take caution.
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