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Cleaning and Refinishing Bird Cages

Disassemble the cage to work on each portion of the cage individually.
Ensure all rust is removed.
Sand paper and/or steel wool work well to remove rust and/or flaking paint.

After rust removal, completely rinse and disinfect the cages to ensure there are no
bits of sand or steel wool particles clinging to the surface prior to painting.

F10 Veterinary Disinfectant

Alternately, you can use a mixture of 50% bleach/50% water to scrub it and then rinse it VERY thoroughly.

Allow the cage to completely air dry (preferably in the sun if possible).

Most spray paint in the US is water-based and non-toxic for budgies.
However, some specifically say they contain zinc and those should not be used.
You can use Rustoleum products safely.
It is possible to spray paint over powder coating.
You can also spray paint over nickel-coated steel.
Ensure you choose the correct type paint(s) for the surfaces being painted.

Australian members can safely use:
UltraColor Links
Ultra Color Product Information

Use a very thin coat of paint and ensure all bare metal is covered.
By using a thin coat, the paint will dry faster/harder and be less likely to chip.

Ensure all painting is done outdoors and allow the paint to cure for at least a minimum of a month
before introducing budgies into the cages.
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