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Cleaning Cage help

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My cage is unclean and I need to clean it and put my birds out but they are not hand-trained. What can I do?
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Hi there and welcome to the forums!

It is very important that you get a new cage for your budgies as soon as possible. Rust is highly toxic to budgies and even if they eat a little it can be fatal.

Please get a new cage as soon as possible and be sure it is large enough for the number of budgies you have. I’m not sure what the conditions are in your country for budgies sold as pets but please do your best to care for them according to best practices for the sake of their health and happiness.

Appropriate cage sizes and setup info can be found here:

There is a great wealth of information on the forums to keep you updated on the best practices for caring for your budgies! Please be sure to read through everything as much as possible and ask questions (if you have any) after doing so.

Best wishes!
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If your budgies have a flight cage or a large aviary then it's not necessarily that bad to keep them in their cage often, especially for their safety, but it appears the poster does not even have a cage that is the minimum requirements to keep a budgie in.

Additionally, while everyone's situation is different, every budgie owner should try and accommodate their birds as much as possible to ensure they can stretch their wings sufficiently and exercise, even if they don't leave the cage. :D
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