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I know there are several members who recently purchased new Prevue Hendryx F040 and/or F050 cages.

I always recommend you secure the spring-load side doors to prevent accidents.
While cable zip-ties work great, if you prefer easy access to the cage through the side doors there is another option I like better.

I use heavy-duty coated clips, two per door one at the top and one at the bottom.
They are available at Dollar Tree with four clips per package.

The "spring-loaded" doors are the type that when opened snap back shut on their own.
The 6 on the sides of the F040 snap extremely hard and can easily injure your budgies, 'tiels, etc. :scare:

I lost my beautiful little Shelby because of an unexpected and tragic accident involving one of the spring-loaded doors when he was under my husband's care and I was out of town.

Since that time, I ensure all spring-loaded doors are safely clipped shut both top and bottom to prevent any accidents.

The only time a spring-loaded door on my cages is not clipped shut is if I am actively using the door to access something in the cage I can't reach otherwise.
And, as soon as I'm finished, the clips go back on that door.

There are two on the top side panels and one on the bottom side panel.
Three to a side so six total.

You'll need 12 clips to clip the top and bottom of each of the doors.
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