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Hello there ! I'm a new member here as well as a new budgie owner.

My beloved friend was given to me exactly a year ago when he was 2 months old from his previous owner and based on his experience, he made it clear to me that it was a male. The cere of my budgie was light blue until about 2-3 weeks ago. Now the cere has turned into a brown color and i am wondering if the gender the previous owner told me was right.
Just to mention, he/she is one year old and doesn't seem sick to me at all.
He/she is outside of the cage for the most part of the day and i consider his/her diet excellent (fresh fruit and vegetables, pellets etc).
Also I read that female budgies don't talk so much, but he/she has learnt a lot of words and talks to me all the time !
An avian vet is difficult for me because of the town i live. Its approximately 8 hours and it isn't that much of a big deal to make such a big trip considering the previous owner was probably wrong 😁

Thank you for your time!!

Here he/she is just few months old

Head Bird Hand Eye Beak

Face Hair Head Bird Eye

And here he/she is the last 2-3 weekends
Face Bird Eye Vertebrate Beak


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This bird is a female. A female can have a very pale blue cere initially, if this bird was a male the cere would have been initially pink and would turn a dark blue as it matures. Your bird's cere is now turning the color of a mature hen and you can expect that the cere will get even darker brown.
Thank you!!

What is your pretty little girl's name?

Please make sure you never put a nest box or anything in her cage that could be used as a nesting site.
Females can lay eggs even when they are solo birds.
Limit her daylight hours when she is in condition (as she is now) to no more than 8 hours per day to help prevent her from becoming broody.

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Her name is Tito. Tito Patrikios is a famous writer here in Greece.
She has learnt her name and pronouces it very clearly 😍

Thank you so much for your reply !!
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