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i have read some threads on this. I am stuck with the mutations. Like the clearwing or gray wing or resccive ? peid. How can you tell ?? Also if you could update pictures or something so i can see that would ibe nice too LOL

if you could help me that would be awesome !! And if you cant its okay :D

love buddy and sunny.

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I can help out with the Grey wing and Recessive pied because I have them and pictures, I don't have a Clearwing (i have a possible but its never been 100% for sure)

Recessive pied is just like it states it is recessive and It looks like a Dalmatian :D

here's a couple of mine

Pongo he's in the background on the back of the cage

Logan from the front

Pongo again


back of Logan

then I have a new one

He's a yf 2 Violet Spangle Recessive pied (English Budgie)

I also have a female (almost forgot her lol)
On the right

on the left

The female with her is ALSO a recessive pied and the one who MAY BE Clear Flight pied she is Spangle and Violet but its hard to get pics of her since she's mainly white my cameras wash her out :(

Grey wing is just like it sounds as well - The wing markings are Grey instead of the normal Black

Jasmine is a Yf 2 Sky blue Dominant pied Grey wing

here dad Bubble gum is a Yf 2 violet Sky blue grey wing

Kaylee is a yf 2 Opaline Dominant Pied Grey wing she is blue series her mom is Sky blue her dad is Violet Grey(her dad is Gabriel)

faith is a Violet blue Dominant pied Recessive pied Grey wing

Gabriel is a Violet Grey Grey wing Opaline Clear Flight Pied

Grey wing Lightens the body color by 50%

Clearwing budgies have very light or no markings on head and wings and the body color is brightened (not lightened or diluted).

Recessive pied does not effect the body color what so ever, With recessive pied there is body color on the lower belly, and rump(the area above the tail) the rest of the body should be "clear"(if its a green series it will be yellow , blue series will be white sometimes they have a bit of color on each side of their neck

all the above can come in any color mutation that exists in budgies
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