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Cox-eye/cocci advice needed.

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Hi All,

Haven’t posted in a while.. Long story short, Mr Rudy has had ongoing issues with an illness and our avian vet could not find a treatment plan to assist him with recovery. 2 years ago he was accidentally poisoned by our pest control guy.. He’s had difficulty holding seed down, droppings we’re whole seed, involuntary regurgitation (not vomiting). Continuous moulting during these times of low which adds added stress to him. He’s been on creon for the seed droppings. Creon: great improvement. Augmentem, Pssitavet and Zithromax. Augmentem: no improvement. Pssitavet: he’s become resistant. Zithromax: some improvement.

Dr has prescribed Zithromax again but now the treatment will be 0.05ml every three days for three weeks. His previous Zithromax experience was only one shot of it down the crop and following Pssitavet at home in drinking water for 2 weeks. We are hopeful that the Zithromax will work and he’s rid of this Cox-eye/Cocci

Has anyone else had any experience with this type of bacteria? I’ve read a little about it and it’s from eating droppings? His cage is cleaned and F10 twice daily (perchs/toys/whole cage) and he’s a free flight bird throughout the house. His spots he likes to hang out are also F10 cleaned. He’s a bit of a germaphobe birdy haha he scares himself when he drops a poop.. He hates it so to even think he would eat his own dropping would be a far cry from his behaviour toward his little rice grains haha
Thanks in advance
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The designation of cocci bacteria is only an indication of the shape of the bacteria seen, the cocci bacteria are spherical, to determine the best drug to treat the issue a culture of the bacteria should be done and that would indicate which drug would be best to use to eradicate the bacteria, was a culture ever done?
Ok.. we’ll that clears things up. We’ve been told to keep him on the Zithromax for three weeks then go back for a re-check. Once we go back I’ll ask for a culture. He’s seen this cocci stuff before but hasn’t sent it off for a culture. Not sure why..
Sometimes if you do not use an antibiotic that best targets the specific bacteria, it may be mildly effective, but not enough to completely get rid of the problem so after a course of treatment the bacteria starts to thrive again and symptoms of illness appear again and a different drug should be used. Because cultures can be expensive it is common for several broad spectrum antibiotics to be tried in the hopes that one will do the job but sometimes you have to resort to a culture, I have had this happen a couple of times.
I understand you. The sad thing though is we are vocal about how money is no object to assist him getting better. Although the Dr is veryyy nice and understanding so I think he’s just trying to save us the money. Definitely going to ask for a culture next appointment. Really appreciate you’re advice
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