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Cute budgie question

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I went to pet store to get B’s vita seed and couldn’t stop myself from looking into budgie cage. This guy just stole my heart. I know its not good practice to get them from pet stores so I left. But I keep looking at the pic. What is wrong with his feather/ wing tips? That is a male, right?
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Another pic of him sitting on lower perch. He seems to be missing his long tail feather? He is the bird turned backwards on lowest perch, with yellow color tail
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Another pic of him sitting on lower perch. He seems to be missing his long tail feather? View attachment 266085
None of these birds look to be in great condition, and they are not babies as they all appear to have lost the baby bars on the head, the guy you are referring to is an adult bird, he has lost his baby bars and I can clearly see the iris in his eye. The missing feathers may be a sign of a problem as it does not look like they were clipped, some of the others in the cage have not been clipped and a couple of them also look like they have either been clipped or are missing flight feathers.
Yes, he looks like he needs TLC. I think this is mostly why I feel drawn to him. But getting a bird like that would just be a very risky thing…
I have been to the store a few times and usually can look at the budgies and not be tempted to take care of any of them. This guy just stood out and I would genuinely want to take care of him if not for the fact that he could indeed be sick and could be a risk to Bisbee’s health, not to mention that there are no guarantees they would actually get along.
I was really interested in what was wrong with this wingtips. They looked unusual. Maybe they are growing in?
Definitely! I do purchase some food and some toys at the store but my plan is to not support them as far as buying birds or any other animals. Is buying of items like that also discouraged?
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