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Cute budgie question

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I went to pet store to get B’s vita seed and couldn’t stop myself from looking into budgie cage. This guy just stole my heart. I know its not good practice to get them from pet stores so I left. But I keep looking at the pic. What is wrong with his feather/ wing tips? That is a male, right?
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Another pic of him sitting on lower perch. He seems to be missing his long tail feather? He is the bird turned backwards on lowest perch, with yellow color tail
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We got our little friend from a pet store. He is also older and he has been with us a year. No health issues so far. It took him three months to start talking. I think he felt vulnerable because his wings were clipped. He is so gentle doesn’t bite or scream. I am home all day, so he sees me and talk and interact with him. He flies around his cage. He’s still very cautious, but I think that’s because he was in that pet store way too long.
I feel sorry for the little souls and they just want the chance to have a good home - they can’t help they ended in a pet store and were treated bad. I am glad i saved him and he brings me joy everyday.
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