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Cute budgie question

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I went to pet store to get B’s vita seed and couldn’t stop myself from looking into budgie cage. This guy just stole my heart. I know its not good practice to get them from pet stores so I left. But I keep looking at the pic. What is wrong with his feather/ wing tips? That is a male, right?
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Another pic of him sitting on lower perch. He seems to be missing his long tail feather? He is the bird turned backwards on lowest perch, with yellow color tail
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It's always hard to turn away from the little ones at the pet stores.. But it's absolutely true that we can't sponsor the terrible and unethical breeders that supply pet stores by buying budgies from them. My girl was from a big-box store too, since at the time i wasn't able to find an ethical breeder or rescue near me (I lived in a relatively remote part of the US with regard to budgies back then). Every time I have gone to big-box stores since then I always wish I could help those babies..
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