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Dangers of Snuggle huts, tents, fabric housing, rope perches and tasseled toys

Snuggle huts, tents, and fabric inside your budgies' cages are dangerous and should be removed.
The birds' toenails can easily get caught in the fabric leading to severe injuries and even death.
Budgies do not need houses, tents or hidey hole type toys. Budgies sleep on perches and adding any of the items listed will only cause problems for you and your birds.
Ingestion of fabric fibers can lead to crop impaction.

Similarly, Rope Toys and Tasseled Toys prevent a real danger.

Dangers of Snuggle Huts, Tents, Fabric Housing, Rope Perches and Tasseled Toys

Dr. Ross Perry specifically addresses this entirely preventable potentially fatal problem in the You-Tube video linked below:

"]Budgie Health Tips from Doctor Ross Perry's Budgie Book Synthetic Rope Perches and Toys Hazard - YouTube

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