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Dealing with Trolls

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Talk Budgies is a large forum comprised of great members and friends.
We are all here for our budgies and each other. Unfortunately, there will be times when members will join for the wrong reasons.

People who deliberately join forums to start controversy and trouble are called "Trolls"

Trolls may appear in any forum or online community and tend to start trouble in large forums where they can receive the most attention.

What is a troll?

A troll is someone who enjoys provoking and disrupting online communities. The person usually accomplishes this by posting controversial material.

For this forum, it might be making posts about irresponsible breeding, deliberately putting a sick bird with other birds, etc. The story given is not necessarily true.
When a troll receives responses, causes conflict and upsets others, that is exactly the reaction they were hoping for.

Off-topic areas are subject to trolls as well.
A person who posts controversial material such as religious or political topics that will cause a debate is usually a troll.

How do we know if someone is a troll?

If a person repeatedly posts controversial material they are considered to be a troll.

In addition, if a person seems to ignore all advice given to them, or if they insist their methods (which are known to be incorrect) are best, they are probably a troll.

Also, someone who posts in other members' threads just to cause a problem is usually a troll.

For example, posting the comment "What an ugly bird" in a picture thread is characteristic of a troll.
Usually anyone who insults another member personally or the topic of the community in general is a troll.

How should I respond to their posts/threads?

Report the thread or post using the "Report" Icon.

Please do NOT respond to a post or thread you believe has been posted by a troll. Trolls do what they do because they enjoy the response. If you don't respond, they'll get bored.

By reporting the post and/or thread, you are alerting the Talk Budgies Staff who will determine the best method of dealing with the situation.

Please keep in mind that there is always a possibility that someone who may appear to be a troll, may actually just be a troubled member. This is why giving proper information in a calm and helpful manner is always best.

All thread responses should be handled in this manner, but it is most important in driving trolls away.

When a troll is unable to cause conflict and get attention by doing so, they will generally get bored and leave on their own.
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