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Do over

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So I have a male budge named Dory (long story) but for basically the last year I've let him do what ever he wants I let his cage Dory open all night and fed him millet more then I should of and basically spoiled him. But anytime I try to touch him or do anything with him that's not millet he runs off and occasionally trys to bite me so I backed off. I let him sleep outside the cage when he wanted and explore the house when he wanted. I had a roommate that didn't listen to me when I first got him and kept bring him out of his cage like the 5-6 day I got him but he is out now so I can not have anyone bother him. I got him in his cage again by chasing him around and luring him with millet for a good hour but. What can I do to start over and have him actually bond with me?
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