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English Budgies
What's really important

As breeders strive to increase the size of English Budgies by selective breeding, the chance of weakened immune systems and genetic defects increases.

As a breeder, I have come to see issues that should preclude the attempts by man to push the genetic size. Attempting to increase the species size may be causing problems as it becomes beyond the ability of the bones and tissues and organs to support the rapid increase in size through high nutrient diet and selectively breeding larger chicks.

Although the very large English are wonderful, beautiful creatures, they often suffer from genetic weakness and die of tumors and exposure to micro organisms that deplete the natural immunity.

Many of the modern malformations result from improper breeding and the weakened gene pool.

English Budgies often do not live as long as the smaller American budgies which are closer to the original bush budgies living in huge flocks flying free in Australia.

When English Budgies get heavy, they are no longer able to develop enough muscle to fly properly. Additionally, the birds are subject to liver and kidney problems.

Make your selections from ethical breeders and avoid the profit pit falls. We must depend on honest, ethical breeders to breed for optimum health and well-being of their birds. Unfortunately, even the best breeders have unaccounted for attrition as sometimes recessive genes will combine and weakened immunity or genetic problems may occur.

Strive to obtain your budgies from breeders who spends time and effort to develop healthy birds with good personality traits and clean pedigree lines.

If you are concentrating on size and beaty, remember the stress of traveling to shows can cause the most beautiful birds to die far too soon from over exposure to noise and unknown illness when they go up on a show bench.

Think about what priorities are most important to you.

Are you looking for healthy happy birds or are you striving for show birds winning the awards for "best in show" with the hope of selling some wonderful birds for good profit?

Study long and hard to be ready to face all of the experience needed to care for your wonderful budgies.
Take the time, because even when you think you are ready, you may not prepared for those 2 AM emergencies we so often see here on TB.

The forum's goal is to help you enjoy and keep your budgies long lived, healthy and happy little companions to share your life.
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