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I am honoured to


with the
Talk Budgies Forum

Exceptional Service Award

Leah's selfless generosity in taking in foster budgies (and other birds) is amazing

The love, time, care and attention
she devotes
to helping these deserving little creatures
gain trust in their human counterparts
is a true cause for Celebration

Leah has given many of our avian friends
the means to grow in trust, health and happiness
as she prepares them to go to their
new safe and loving forever homes

Additionally, on this forum,
Leah provides
consistent, kind helpful advice
to all members
promoting the best care for the
wellbeing of everybudgie

Great job Leah!!

As a small token of our appreciation, the forum has awarded you
1000 karma points
a 24 month Supporter Membership Subscription
and a
Special Color for your User ID which identifies you as a Special Award Recipient​

Please join me in
for this
(and long overdue)
Exceptional Service Award​

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Leah, I can't think of anyone who deserves this more than you do. You have been such a model birdie parront throughout your time in caring for all the birds you foster so far, and have also lent your expertise to the forums countless times.

Thank you so much for being a part of Talk Budgies, you really mean a lot to us and this forum as a whole. :hug:

:congrats: :flowers:

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I truly am blushing. I hope you all know how much I love this forum and how much help it has been to me with both my fosters and my own budgies. Pretty much every aspect of their care has been influenced by talkbudgies. :tb: I so appreciate having a "one stop shopping" place for information and inspiration.

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Congratulations, Leah! Well deserved for all the reasons mentioned! :thumbup::clap::yo::jumping::urock:
Lemon Drop says, "Tweet! Tweet, twitter, twitter, tweet!" (Thanks! You are a nice budgie mamma!)

Goldenwing and Lemon Drop :lutino linnie:

Exceptional Service Award August 2017
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Congratulations Leah!
You do a wonderful job :congrats::party2::clap:

Member of the Year 2016//Exceptional Service Award
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Thank You, Leah, for your caring and time working with Burdies and their people
to to be the best birdie parents ever.
Blessings, Jo Ann: :clap::clap::music::music::hug::hug::hug:

Member of the Month September 2012
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Well done, Leah! Thank you for all you do for budgies and their humans - you totally deserve this award!!!
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