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Exciting News!

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It's official everyone!

At a recent romantic dinner, Pedro asked Poppy to make their relationship "official" and proposed marriage!

Pedro told Poppy he just can't imagine living without her and asked her to be his bride.

What girl could possibly resist Pedro's charms?
He does his best to keep that fiesty little girl-friend of his happy.
Poppy happily accepted Pedro's proposal!

Here is a photo taken at their Engagement Party.

The official Wedding Invitation will be forthcoming as soon as the happy couple settle on a date. At this time, Poppy seems to be leaning toward the May time-frame. ;)

Please help your flock plan what they will be wearing to Pedro and Poppy's upcoming Wedding Extravaganza!

:party: :party2: :party: :party2:
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Awwwwhhh! How sweet! :congrats: My flock is already planning their outfits! :giggle:
That is just too cute!
Awwwwwww, true love at its best! Congratulations to the happy pair! Deb, you must be so proud of your little lovebirds!
Ahhh that is so sweet. :)
Congratulations Pedro asked Poppy

My whole flock have been doing extra preening of their feathers all day to be ready. They are so excited to attend the ceremonies.
AHH ADORABLE!!!! Destiny wants to attend with her, err, boyfriend, if that is okay :)
Oh how exciting!!! :love2: :whoo: I can't wait for the nuptuals!! :) (if that's how you spell it haha)
Congratulations Pedro and Poppy! :woot:

What a beautiful couple you make, and that is quite a smooch! :makeout: :D
haha, when I saw the title I was wondering who you're getting engage to when you're already married

Congratulations Pedro and Poppy! You 2 made for each other!

Winston and the flock are sorting out their feather outfits for this special occasion
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Awww that is so cute! Congrats to the couple. :giggle:...Poor little Diego is so confused right now. :p
Congratulations to the happy couple.
They have a ring, do they have a date?

That is just too cute. Sunny and No Name will be planning for the big day. In fact, Sunny is getting his new feather suit dusted off already and picking out the old feathers that just are not right for this big event. No Name will have a name by then and will be stylish in his new young duds too. Congratulations are in order. Now if I can convince my boys not to over-imbibe on the bacardi rum they just might get to go. ha:budgie::eek:
Thank you one and all!

Pedro and Poppy are too busy cuddling at the moment to talk to me about a date. :rolleyes:
I've tried to tell them that if Poppy wants to be married in May there is a lot of planning and preparation I must work to get in place before then. :wow:

They have decided on Black Tie for their nuptials and services will probably take place late afternoon.

Pedro was worried about Diego moving in on his girl...
But Diego delayed too long in responding to Poppy's valentine. Pedro took the plunge and bought the ring.
Apparently that was what had Poppy so disturbed.
She very much wanted her relationship with Pedro to be officially recognized and celebrated by all their friends.

I'm worried about where their going to want to go for their honeymoon since I have to foot the bill! :eek:
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Congratulations are in order. Now if I can convince my boys not to over-imbibe on the bacardi rum they just might get to go. ha:budgie::eek:
We'll have a separate special non-rum wedding cake for those who aren't of age or don't partake of spirits!
Congrats to Pedro and Poppy :) I'm sure my flock would love to help during this special time in any way they can! ;)
True love is hard to find these days. My best wishes to the young couple,
and all the best for their loving future together!
Destiny wants to know if Aryelle can come since she is Destinys servant
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This is too precious! I am really super excited about this event! I can't wait to help Lasso and Yazzi choose their formals! :)

Congratulations, Pedro and Poppy!
AHHAHAHA! Oh my goodness I'm thrilled to hear the big news! They are such a beautiful couple... just perfect! Tallulah's hoping he'll get out of his molt in time for the celebration so he's back to his fine self.
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