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FaeryBee Flock Playtime Fun

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FaeryBee Flock Playtime Fun


Hey who is that handsome bird down there?

Mmmmm, this carpet is nice and cushy on my tootsies!


What is he doing? Does he have something good over there?

Good thing I saw him before he ate it all!

Hey, Skip! It looks like Mom bought us a new little red wagon!

C'mere Scooter - you have a feather sticking up. I'll fix it for you.


I need to have some of this millet too, you know.

Hey you two - who said you could play with MY wagon?

We hope you are all having a good day!
Thanks for looking out our pictures.
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Oh my, cuteness overload! Gisele is just swooning over her price charming Scooter, while Betty and Princess always fancies Skipper. :love:

And lookit our Peachie-poo being his peachy self and the three little amigos fancying their new Red Flyer :D :thumbsup:
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