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Faerybee Lovebird Campdays almost over...

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Yoshi is spending his last couple of days at the Faerybee Lovebird Camp before heading back home.

I'm sure going to miss snuggling him! He even let's me rub the pinfeathers on the back of his little head and neck. :eek:

My husband said if I didn't have Pedro and Poppy that I could get a baby lovebird from the breeder where my neighbor got Yoshi.

But -- it wouldn't be fair to give up my little rescue lovebirds to satisfy my selfish desire for a baby lovebird!!
Also, Kylie and Autumn don't like the idea. They think I pay way too much attention to Yoshi and play with him too much whenever he's around. :giggle:

So -- I just have to hope that Yoshi's owner will allow me to take care of him again the next time her family takes a trip!! :fingerx:

Hey, what is that??

YUM! Pellets are goood for me!

Look at me -- I'm a big boy now

This camp has fun stuff to play with

I think I'll take this little toy over here now

It's been fun seeing you all and I hope to see you again sometime!
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What a little sweet Ham, that Yoshi! I especially like the first and last shots - Almost Too cute to Believe!!!!
Yoshi is so sweet! You just want to hug him!
We can never have enough of little Yoshi can we.:giggle: Hopefully you will get to take care of the little guy again.:p
Yoshi is such a little cutie!! :loveeyes: I honestly don't know how you can stand to give him back to his owners. :giggle:
:ciao: Bye bye Yoshi. It was so nice seeing you again. Make sure you give Poppy and Pedro a big kiss okay?

Deb that last picture of Yoshi is so sweet. :)
Aw, Yoshi is adorable, his colors are stunning!
Deb, I don't know you can find the strength to hand him
back to his family! You're a better person than I, because
I'd probably stuff him in a pocket and say some burgler broke
in and took him away. No, not really, but I'd consider it for
a second or two, and well...goodbyes are just owie sometimes.

He's such a sweetie, and so are you, having given that bird
the time of his life with your group. So many come back from
boarding stiff and strange and almost traumatized by the
changes, and this one comes back grinning like a child who
has spent the weekend with his grandparents spoiling him
rotten. That family certainly is lucky to have you standing
by for Yoshi. I hope they share him again soon :)
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So cute!!!:loveeyes: I brought home my baby lovebird today!!:jumping:
Yoshi is so adorable. I like the photo with his little soother. His colors are absolutely intense. Your photos are very good. :)
Little Yoshi has gone home now and I miss the little sweetheart already! Kylie and Autumn are MUCH happier though -- they were not at all happy sharing Mom's attention with that little yellow birdie for over two weeks. :giggle:

Yoshi did go home grinning! His owner, Pritti, even said, "Look at him grinning when she came to pick him up this evening."

I printed and framed the last picture and gave it to Pritti when she picked Yoshi up today -- I think that one is my favorite too. :D
LOL, I know about doggy jealousy! Eddie is always so jealous when we play with the gerbils:rolleyes: He just sits there and whimpers quietly, silly dog:p And believe me, he gets more than enough attention from us, never mind sharing the bed with us at night, little rotter...
Cute pics! :D

I'm sure you'll get to take care of him again :)
That little Yoshi is the cutest darn bird. Love the last one with the binky! Meanwhile, I'll just keep on dreaming! ha
Awh, I'm certainly going to miss those adorable pics of him! :loveeyes:
I just love the little guy!:love:
That last photo is definitely my favorite as well. How sweet that you printed it for her! Oh little Yoshi is just so gorgeous I hope you get to babysit again so we can see more photos ;)
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