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FaeryBee's Sunny Celebrate his 3rd Hatchday!

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My little Sunny boy is THREE years old today!

How quickly the time seems to fly...

Sunny's celebrating with Sparky, Pedro, Poppy and Peachy (of course),
and is delighted that Budgiekin's boys (Riley and Aries) have come to join his party. :)

Happy Hatchday, Sunny!!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Sunny. Wow you have so many friends there. Indigo wishes he was at your 3rd Birthday..I hope our mum spoiled you with treats and toys to play with..
Happy 3rd hatchday Sunny!!:birthday: I'm sure you, your flockmates and friends will have a great time today with lots of treats and play time.
Best wishes from my growing flock 12 and I. :b-day:
:b-day: Happy Birthday Sunny! :third:
Aw Happy Hatchday Sunny, hope everybirdy has a great time celebrating with you :D
Happy Hatch day!:D Hope you get some yummy treats to share with all of your friends:budgie:
Oh my... three years old already?? Happy hatch day handsome boy :) What a lovely cake you have, yum :D
Aww! Happy hatchday! What a big boy you are now! :)
:birthday::party2: Happy 3rd Hatchday Sunny!!!
Happy 3rd HD Sunny, and looking forward to many many more! :party2:
That's a fine party Sunny's got going on there. Enjoy your 3rd Hatch Day!;)
[nomedia=""]bird singing "happy birthday"- Bird Park Singapore - YouTube[/nomedia]

Congratulations, Sunny! Have a wonderful and happy 3rd Hatchday. :)
Awesome...Happy hatchday Sunny....hope you have many, many more....:)
Wow - Great Party!!! So happy it's still in full swing, as I am Late (Again)...
Happy HAPPY 3rd Hatchday, Sunny, Old Bean!
My budgies and I are still looking for a good present, But - in the meantime - Party On, Y'all!!!
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Sunny's 3rd Hatchday Present

Hi Sunny!

We are sorry it took so long to get you a present - we looked and looked, but just couldn't find anything special enough; So - we made our own, hoping it would really mean something to a special boy like you.

So - Happy Birthday (again)!

[nomedia=""]Sunny's 3rd Hatchday Present - YouTube[/nomedia]

With love from your 3 old friends, The Princess, Bluebie, and Budgie Boy
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Hi Sunny, Have wonderful Hatchday celebration and do not forget to give your mom a thank you KISS. Best Wishes, Jo Ann:budgie:
Oh, Ollie!! I love it so much.

I haven't been on-line all day today and just now logged in. When I watched the video and saw the beautiful way you incorporated Shelby into Sunny's celebration it brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Sunny, how could I have missed your third birthday?! You are as handsome as ever. Hope you celebrate many, many more birthdays.
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