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Feather Loss

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Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I need some help with my budgie, Tony. In the past two days he has lost his primary flight feathers n both wings! He can barely fly now and keeps crashing into furniture and falling to the floor. Now I assumed moulting might be the cause but he has only lost one other small feather and there are no pin feathers present. He has been quite moody lately and he is wagging his tail an awful lot. He has had moults in the past but they haven't been like this. Tony is a year old. His wings look really short now as he's missing the long feathers at the end. I haven't seen him plucking them out, when he landed on me yesterday another large feather from his wing came out. Is it odd that he's losing only these feathers in such a short time? I'm really worried about my baby boy.
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He's missing this throat spots so he might be moulting more than you thought.
That being said, if this is a highly unusual feather loss for your babe take him to the avian vet and get him a look over.

Are there any other birds in the house?
It sounds like Tony is molting. Depending on the individual as well as climate conditions in the home, you’ll see that budgies can have frequent molts.
Hi! :welcome: to Talk Budgies

It is not normal for a budgie to molt all of his flight feathers at one time.
I would recommend you have Tony checked out by an Avian Vet to ensure there is no underlying condition.
What diet do you have Tony on currently?
Is he being exposed to long periods of full-spectrum lighting? More than 1 hour per day can contribute to excessive feather loss.

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Hi there and :welcome: to the forums!

Tony is adorable; I'm sorry to hear that he's having problems with his feathers. FaeryBee is correct that budgies should never molt ALL of their flight feathers at once. I would also check him in to an avian vet appointment to ensure he's healthy.

Meanwhile, you've come to the best possible place to ensure you're up to date on the best of budgie care practices. If you have any questions after reading through the links provided above, please be sure to ask as we'd love to help.

We hope to hear more about Tony, best wishes! :fingerx:

Cheers :wave:
I understood that Tony is not molting clumps of feathers? I posted before you added the photo... how much more has he molted by now? I do agree it’s best to have him checked by an avian vet, to see if this is a heavy molt, or if it is a massive loss of feathers for a different reason. Keep us posted!
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