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These four allow my wife and I to live in the house.
We name all of our pets after a liquor theme, so Cats are all Single Malt Scotch Whisky :)
(Leaning towards Japanese Whisky or Rum for birds!)

Big grey one is Talisker, Scapa is the black one, Oban is the white and grey softie and Springbank is the tabby.

Talisker is my shadow, she doesn’t let me out of her sight. Oban and Springbank are brothers and ridiculous in their own way (they are basically dogs). Scapa is the most reserved and cat-like? But he’s a nut too, and only eats (and drinks) with his feet…

Cat Carnivore Comfort Felidae Small to medium-sized cats

Cat Wood Carnivore Felidae Grey
Cat Wood Carnivore Floor Whiskers
Cat Felidae Carnivore Small to medium-sized cats Grey
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