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aevum, ruffles, and birthday!
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hello, i noticed today that my 6 year old female budgie has a soft lump near her butt that i do not think was there yesterday
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(dont worry, i wasnt holding her roughly in the second pic!) the lump is most visible from the first pic.
my boyfriend thinks shes about to lay an egg, but im really worried. should i take her to the vet?
i havent noticed she and my male budgie mating, but her cere is brown as if shes broody.shes been eating a lot more lately, and being a bit more needy than usual. otherwise, she acts healthy. shes a very.. rascally girl who nips the otherbirds when they get close, and shes still doing this. her tail isnt bobbing, her eyes and nose are clear, her feathers are healthy, and shes generally behaving as usual aside eating more and being more needy. by needy i mean shes been interacting with me more, though shes usually very independent. shes been preening me, sitting on my head and shoulder more.
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