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So one of my young budgies turned out to be a female and while I've been doing my best to prevent breeding, following advice I've found here, it doesn't seem to be working. I've had to stop them a few times now from mating and it's starting to look like short of separating them, something I'd really like to avoid, they're likely to end up having babies. If they end up having eggs, can I just discard them? Is it cruel to do so? Would it result in any negative behaviours? I hate the thought of it but I can't deal with more than two budgies and am hesitant to give them away as I hear people often feed them to pet snakes.

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Make sure you do not have anything in the cage that could be used as a nest, no nest boxes, no snuggle huts, no coconuts etc. If she lays an egg it will fall to the bottom of the cage and you can discard it. You should take steps to calm her hormones and bring her out of breeding mode by limiting daylight hours, rearrange the cage and limiting protein foods. If she does start to lay eggs constantly you may have to resort to hormone injections if these other things do not work. I have a hen that is a chronic egg layer and she ended up with a cloacal prolapse, a potentially very serious issue, and she had to be separated from the flock and is getting hormone injections to calm her hormonal state.

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To discourage breeding please ensure you are doing the following:
Rearranging their cage frequently will help tremendously. Please be sure you never put a nest box or anything that could be used as a nesting site in their cage.
Limit the light they get to 8 hours a day. When they come into condition, limit the amount of protein in their diet at that time.

If and egg is laid, dispose of it immediately. The egg is not viable until it has been incubated for a few days.

As Cody as indicated, you do not want to allow the female to continue laying so it is important you find a way to calm her hormones down.
Otherwise, separation from the male and hormone injections may end up being your only option

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my budgie is an indeterminate layer which means she never stops laying until she has a clutch. Sadly all her eggs would break so she kept laying until she had a prolapse! You are definitely taking the right steps by reaching out for help.

I’ve also heard of people allowing the eggs to be laid and placing in it very hot water so as to sterilize the egg and make sure it does not hatch.

I would also regulate their light schedule and put them to bed promptly at 6. Longer daylight hours make them think it’s laying season.

Make sure they are getting adequate Vitamin D3 about ten-thirty minutes from sunlight as laying eggs does take a toll on the females reserves.

Finally, as a last resort Lupron is also a good way to decrease hormones in both males and females. My budgie had to go on Lupron because sadly I waited too late and there was no going back.
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