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Fighting between two new budgies

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Hi, I just purchased two budgies six days ago. There were three in the cage at pet shop. I chose the two that were happily cuddled up together. Not sure of the sex they both have a beige/pink cere. The larger one, Bobbie, is the dominant one. Gets to eat first while pushing the other away from the food. The other does eventually get to eat. I have two food dishes and two water dishes but the smaller one, Bella, seems to want to wait to eat out of same dish as Bobbie 馃檮
This morning I noticed Bobbie pecking at Bella's feet and gently biting her tail. Bella, at this point doesn't seem to be bothered by that. I'm just worried it might escalate. Bobbie also will sit by Bella on the perch and lean against Bella hard enough to move her along the perch til she flies to another perch. Bobbie then follows and repeats. I'm worried that Bobbie might hurt Bella. Any suggestions???
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Sounds like Bobbie may be bullying Bella and things could end badly. I would separate them right away if they were my birds. Do you have pictures of your new babies?
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If Bobbie is bullying and/or being overly aggressive toward Bella, then the best thing you can do is to separate them into individual cages.
Otherwise, you are running the risk that the behavior will escalate and result in serious injury.

In order for us to accurately determine gender, it is important you provide full frontal pictures of the cere that are clear, in-focus, taken in natural light (no flash,no direct sunlight and no shadows)

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Hi there and welcome to the forums,

How are your budgies doing now? Is Bobbie still bullying Bella?

Please be sure to read through the forums' many budgie articles and "stickies" to ensure you're up to date on everything! If you have any questions after doing so, please be sure to ask as we'd love to help.

We hope to see you around! 馃憢
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