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Locating an Avian Veterinarian

Bill and Ted should never have been housed with a female.
Doing so stimulated Bill's hormones and now he's acting aggressive toward Ted as he wants to show his dominance.

What I'm going to advise is that you separate the two of them into individual cages for now.
That doesn't mean it is necessarily going to be a "forever" separation.
If you can, put the cages in different rooms and keep them apart for a few weeks to a month.
During this time, limit the amount of protein in their diet and ensure they get no more than 8 hours of daylight per day.
This will help bring them out of condition. Ensure Bill has a great deal of activity - swings, ladders and play time.
Keeping him busy will help reduce his urges.

Then put the cages next to one another for about a week.
When the time comes, re-introduce the two outside the cages in NEUTRAL territory under careful supervision.
Do this a few times to see how they get along.
If all seems well, ensure you rearrange the cage completely that the two will be occupying together.
This will help reduce any territorial behavior.

If these steps do not work - then you can consider rehoming Bill but I would try everything else before doing so.
I disagree with the vet about Bill being in an aviary.
If Bill has ongoing aggressive tendencies, being with a lot other budgies is just going to exacerbate his temperament, not lessen it.

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