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Finding responsible and ethical budgie breeders isn't easy.
It often takes time and perseverance and may require you to be willing to drive some distance to pick up your new budgie.

However, making this a priority is important as we strive to eliminate the on-going problem of the big-box pet stores selling budgies raised in "birdie-mills" with no concern over the birds' health, genetics, longevity and general well-being.

Together we can help put a stop to over-breeding and senseless inbreeding of these beautiful little creatures.

For those in the United States, looking for a good budgie breeder, try contacting some of the following organizations:

American Budgerigar Society
The American Budgerigar Society – Your best source of information about keeping, breeding and exhibiting budgerigars.

Budgerigar Association of America

Budgerigar Association of America

Local bird clubs in your area are also good resources when looking for breeders.

Clubs and Societies – The American Budgerigar Society

Be aware that not all breeders act ethically and responsibly.

The more you know about budgies and the best practices with regard to their care the better prepared you will be when the time comes that you want to purchase a budgie.

When interviewing breeders, ask questions to determine the following:

1. Does the breeder hand feed or co-parent chicks
(Co-parenting is much better for the chicks by the way!)

Planned Co-Parenting in Raising Tame Chicks

2. If the breeder does hand feed, at what point to they pull the chicks?
Why do they pull the at that stage?
Is it to allow the parents to double-clutch?

3. What sort of conditioning diet are the parents fed?

4. What foods are used when weaning the babies?

5. At how many weeks do they release the chicks to the adoptive "parronts"? Eight weeks is optimal as the chicks should be eating on their own for a minimum of two weeks and at 8 weeks there is less chance of regression.

6. How many clutches per year are the parents allowed?

7. Do they give the parents 6 months to a year rest after the second clutch?

It may seem a somewhat daunting task, but it is well worth it to improve the overall breeding practices in this country and the health and well-being of each budgie baby born here!
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