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FinFin's training progress (video)

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Yep today I did it again, this time I recorded my efforts of the taming progress and I think you can see quite good, that FinFin stays very calm around my hand and fingers :) I hope you enjoy the video!

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Yes FinFin is definitely used to your hand.....great progress...that is a cool video, thx for sharing....:)
FinFin is so Cute and Adorable he is really getting use to your hand I think he is beginning to bond with you....
thank you both so much for your lovely comments. Yes each day I can see little improvements. But funny is FinFin only plays with his toys when I have him on my finger and lift him up a little bit, suddenly he would begin to nibble at the chew and shredding toy :D what a clown XD

also when ever I change the water or food dishes, he wants me to bring the dish near him and he would take a bite or drink some water :D
Good job finfin!!

Wow!! Great job fin!! :) good luck on your training!!!
Thank you very much Seda! :) Yes FinFin is doing great. I will post another video of him soon! ;)
Good job! Looks like he is completely comfortable with you.
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