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My budgie has lost the flight feathers on one wing he is about a year old worried that its stress he has lots of toys and mirrors that he plays with he is not tame and fighting a losing battle to get him to have fruit or veggies he seems happy and is very vocal ive noticed he is preening a lot and has a few pin feathers on his head although they have been there a while any thoughts would be appreciated

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Hi and :welcome: to Talk Budgies!

It sounds as though your budgie is simply going through a molt which is quite normal. You can learn about molting in this link:

We'd love to know your budgie's name and see a picture of him. :)

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Hi there and :welcome: to the forums!

Charlie is a very handsome little boy! I agree that it seems he has started his moult, which is perfectly normal ;) To make him more comfortable during this time, you can feed him mashed boiled egg with his daily veggies and give him some flax seed, to help his feathers grow in nicely.

You can find plenty of information on the forums regarding diet, behaviour, and care, if you have any other questions. After you've read through the links Deborah has provided, if you still have questions, we'd be a happy to answer them!

Hope to see you and Charlie around the forums! :wave:

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Hello, and welcome to talk budgies. Charlie is a very handsome fellow and will be back to normal when the molt is finished....:)
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