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Found Texan Budgie!

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So, this budgie just showed up outside, perched on the railing, so we've taken it in, with our other two. Anyways, he's for sure a pet, seeing as how Texas is half-way across the globe from where they belong. Poor thing wouldn't leave the food bowl for the longest time!

Please fill out this little form if you have lost a budgie in this area, to see if it's yours! I do not include a profile of it purely so nobody can falsely claim it!(If unclaimed, it'll be staying with me instead. Not letting the poor thing go hungry outside.)

Copy and paste this forum, and add answers to it, then post it as a response. I'll try to read through them regularly.

Looks (Feather colour, foot colour, distinct markings):

Energy (Generally hyper or lazy/loud or quiet?):


Tameness (Skittish and flying away, in the middle, or completely tame?):
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:) oh thanks for saving the little budgie.that was very kind of you.I hope someone will claim it if it's there budgie.welcome to the forum by the way.sending thankful prayers to you.feel free to ask any questions.blessings
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Hi welcome to the forum :)

You have done the right things rescuing the budgie to save his life and trying to find the owner :clap: :2thumbs:

I’m glad poor budgie is in right hands now
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It's a wonderful thing your doing for this budgie!
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It's wonderful you are trying to find the budgie's owners and are willing to give it a safe and loving forever home if you are unable to do so! :hug:

I hope you'll also decide to become a regular member of the forum. ;)

Please take the time to read through all of the How To Guides, the FAQs and the stickies located at the top of each section of the forum.

You'll find most of your basic questions about budgies and caring for them will have been answered after you've read through all of them.

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By the way, all photos entered in any of our forum contests must be a full-size photo and not a thumbnail attachment so it's good to know how to upload them! ;)

If you have any questions after reading through everything, please be sure to ask!

Glad you decided to join us and looking forward to seeing you around the forums.

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Hi there and :welcome: to Talk Budgies!

I'm glad you've taken in this little budgie and are trying to find his/her owners! You're doing it the best way possible, too! You can put this information on a poster to put around the neighbourhood or at animal shelters, too, and see if someone contacts you.

If not, well, you've certainly come to the right place to learn all about these little ones and their care :D

Be sure to read through all the links provided to ensure you know all the best ways to care for the little one while you try to find his owners, and maybe even after he's all yours :fingerx:

We'd love to see pictures if you have them, and feel free to ask any questions you may have after reading through everything.

Hope to see you around and best of luck! :wave:
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If the budgie has a metal or plastic leg band you may be able to trace it.
There are a number of Both BAA and ABS breeders near Huston and further north
near Dallas The tag would have BAA or ABS the year like 11, 3 initials Like JCB
and the chick number for the year, like 123. The initials will be on file in the ABS or BAA records. Best wishes in your effort to find the little guy 's home.
Jo Ann:p
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